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Icon representing the Function menu in plotXpose App - Companion to Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing book by Mary Attenborough pub Elsevier

The Function Icon

Tap on the Function icon the pop-up Function menu will appear.

The Function Menu allows you to define a General Function by a composition of any of the following standard operations and functions:

-, +, *, / , ^(power), sin, cos, tan, ln, (log base e), log (log base 10), arcsin (inverse sine), arccos (inverse cosine), arctan (inverse tangent). Alternatively Triangular Wave or Square Wave functions can be defined.

The function is defined as a function of t. Initially the function is defined for values of t where -5<=t <5, at a sampling interval of 0.01, and the y-axis is displayed over the full range for y. The defaults can be changed from Settings. Once a function has been defined the function and/or related functions are displayed in the main graph area. The graphs are drawn by sampling the function at the sampling points and joining the values so found using straight line segments. The Frequency spectrum may also be displayed in a Frequency tab.

Function Menu Contents


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