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Icon representing the View window in plotXpose App - Companion to Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing book by Mary Attenborough pub Elsevier

The View Icon

To change the characteristics of the current view select the View icon. This will produce the "View" window showing the current view options. Select your desired options and enter new values, where appropriate. On selecting the OK button plotXpose will validate the view options.

Some methods and options are not available if a 'function' has Undefined Values or if the function is irregularly sampled. In these cases you may be requested to change some of the settings or you will be warned that settings have been changed. If the settings are acceptable then the display will be updated.

On the main 'Function' tab the View window gives options of Function View, its Derivative and Integral. You can also choose the method of calculating the derivative and integral and the initial value of t for the integration.

You may also change the pen size and choose Grid View.


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plotXpose app is a companion to the book Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing by Mary Attenborough, published by Newnes, 2003.